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Ready to do this? Great! Rest easy knowing that not only will you look awesome, you'll feel wonderful about the experience. My secret sauce for great looking headshot portraits is this: getting you feeling relaxed and comfortable. No tricks, no cheesy grins, just you being your joyful you. Of course, as a professional you want to portray yourself as approachable and friendly, right? That's exactly what my goal is as well.

Schedule your session by selecting the right collection and pay for it all online. You'll be prompted along the way to take the necessary steps.


Want to bring in two different outfits, for two very unique looks? This is the option for you. We'll spend 60 minutes photographing you and offer you a gallery of photographs to choose 2 images. We'll then enhance each of them before delivering them to you within 48 hours of your marking your favorites. You'll receive two high resolution files and web-friendly versions of those files that you can use online right away!

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One outfit, one look. We'll spend 30 minutes photographing you and offer you a gallery of photographs to choose 1 images. We'll then enhance it before delivering it to you within 48 hours of your marking your favorites. You'll receive a high resolution file and a web-friendly resolution that you can use online right away! (Most Popular)

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Want just a web-friendly file for your social media accounts? This is the option for you. We'll spend 10 minutes photographing you and offer you a gallery of photographs to choose 1 image. We'll then enhance and optimize the file for web use only, before delivering it to you within 48 hours.

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Take these 7 steps in order to insure a great business portrait session

1.  A good night's sleep is often underrated. So, insure you are adequately rested before your session.
2. To avoid dry skin, moisturize and drink lots of water.
3. Come in for your portrait session with the mindset that your portrait is going to allow you to connect with another human and possibly make an impact in her or his life!
4. Your images will be edited and presented to you in a private online gallery. You'll have lots of options and even during the session, you'll be able to see what's being created.
5. In your gallery, select an image or multiple images based on your expression. Does it look natural and relaxed? Use the star icon in the gallery to mark your favorites.
6. Your images are then enhanced and delivered to you between 48-72 hours of hearing from you. So, you do have to let me know that you have chosen your favorites in the gallery.
7. Use your portraits on your business card, brochure, poster or social media channels. Your success is my success.

If you would like me to photograph a group of 5 or more individuals in one location, special group rates are available. Please contact me for more details.


Headshot portrait sessions are at Seshu's home studio, in Avon, Connecticut. Once your payment is received, Seshu will email you his address and directions. If you wish to schedule an on-site portrait session at a location of your choice, please contact Seshu to discuss your options.


Since I commit to only a limited number of sessions per week and month, I urge you to reserve your spot right away! Please also note that given your portrait sessions require a great amount of preparation to make it a success, your payment is not refundable, if you cancel your session less than 24 hours before your session.


Once your payment is received, you will receive an email confirming your appointment and other pertinent information for making your portrait session a success.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or I will photograph you again until you are truly happy with the results!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or call me at 860-431-0690 BEFORE reserving your session. I am always happy to help you.

Additional Retouched Portraits

Add this to your cart when you are ordering additional portraits after you have seen and favorited your portraits in your gallery.

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Travel Fee Within Hartford County

A flat travel fee to photograph you or your team on location. This fee is subject to change depending on final destination.

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