Reserve Your Headshot Portrait Session Today!

Ready to do this? Great! Rest easy knowing that not only will you look awesome, you'll feel wonderful about the experience. My secret sauce for great looking headshot portraits is this: getting you feeling relaxed and comfortable. No tricks, no cheesy grins, just you being your joyful self. Of course, as a professional you want to portray yourself as approachable and friendly, right? That's exactly what my goal for you is as well.

Use the scheduling app below to find a date and time that works for you. Schedule your session by selecting the right collection and pay for it online. You'll be prompted along the way to take the necessary steps.


1.  A good night's sleep is often underrated. So, ensure you are adequately rested before your session.

2. To avoid dry skin, moisturize, use lip balm and drink lots of water.

3. Hair and makeup is highly recommended before your sessions (yes, men too). If you need suggestions, please ask.

4. Make sure your clothes fit well, cover your arms and are free of lint, pet hair or other debris. Avoid any additional retouching charges by making sure your clothes have been freshly dry-cleaned as well.

5. Come in for your portrait session with the mindset that your portrait is going to allow you to connect with another human being and possibly make an impact in her or his life!

If you would like me to photograph a group of 5 or more individuals in one location, special group rates are available. Please contact me for more details.